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Capistrano Beach, CA

Habitation Co. is committed to honoring the process of living in a particular place and the journey of discovering beautiful objects that reflect the unique styles and stories of artists around the world.  Every pretty item you purchase supports creative individuals, communities, and organizations on almost every continent.


Himalayan Rose Salt Soap

Himalayan Rose Salt Soap // locally made in California // Habitation Co.
Himalayan Rose Salt Soap // locally made in California // Habitation Co.

Himalayan Rose Salt Soap

4.00 6.50

A luxurious handmade, cold-process bath bar made with naturally pink himalayan salt and organic rose powder. When you unwrap your soap, simply plant its paper label and watch as flowers sprout up from the earth!

Made with a base recipe of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, and Organic Shea Butter.

Free of: Synthetic Fragrance Oils, SLS, Parabens, Artificial Soap Bases, Chemical Preservatives, Palm Oil

>> handmade

>> fairtrade

>> organic ingredients

>> locally made in California

approx. 4.5 oz

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About the Process:

Our new line of locally-made, all-natural, and eco-conscious bath soaps and laundry detergents will bring a bit of the spa to your clean-routine. Made with essential oils, spices, and herbs, these products not only smell delicious, but are gentle on your skin, and the earth. What don't they have? Nasty chemicals or harmful ingredients like palm oil...

Over the past decade, many companies have been adding palm oil to their products- it can be found in everything from baked goods to beauty products- but the impact of this harmful practice reaches well beyond the box or bottle. Palm oil is a major contributor to upwards of 87% of deforestation in Malaysia and Indonesia, drastically endangering orangutan populations, and many other species of our earth's precious animals and plants. It is estimated that at the current rate, orangutans in the wild will be extinct within 12 years. While many companies claim to use "sustainably sourced palm oil", we have found that there are amazing alternatives, like our new line of Unearth Malee products, that opt against palm oil completely.