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Capistrano Beach, CA

Habitation Co. is committed to honoring the process of living in a particular place and the journey of discovering beautiful objects that reflect the unique styles and stories of artists around the world.  Every pretty item you purchase supports creative individuals, communities, and organizations on almost every continent.

An overdue shop update {Store Temporarily Closing}


An overdue shop update {Store Temporarily Closing}

Hailey Fynaardt


Habitation Co. is taking a hiatus and the shop will be closing, at least for a little bit. While it's taken us a long time to reach this decision, if we've recently hung out, talked, texted, or you've lurked on Instagram, this may not be a total surprise. Over the past few years, we've faced a few big changes (gratefully, mostly great things!) and new demands with our careers (again, good stuff!) that have meant we've had less and less time to devote to Habitation Co.. In that time, we've also been wrestling with what the next chapter of the shop and business itself will look like. The dream of having a brick-and-mortar space and building a community around our business is alive and well, we just don't know when, or where, it will come to fruition.

Speaking of where– Southern California is our home and where Habitation Co. was born but we're grateful to have been able to explore new places that have left imprints on our hearts. While Living abroad has been another longtime dream, our lives (and pets, and jobs, and parents – hi mom & dad!) are here in the U.S., but we've been feeling a tug toward a place that's just about as far from mainstream America as you can get: New Orleans. The Crescent City. The Big Easy. She's cute, you'd like her. While we don't know yet if Nola is our next stop, it's a place steeped in art, culture, history, diversity, creativity, and community, and one that celebrates small business and entrepreneurship– core Habitation Co. values, and frankly, things we freakin' love.

One of the unique opportunities our jobs provide us is the ability to work remotely, from virtually anywhere, within certain timezones. We're also grateful to be healthy and physically capable of entertaining the idea of making a cross-country move. But for now, we're taking things one step at a time, even if that means taking a step back from a business we love and deeply believe in. This little shop has opened doors and allowed us to connect with so many incredible people around the world. From artisans and makers to fellow business owners– but none of it would have been possible without YOU. Your super awesome taste in gifts, accessories, and home decor (...just sayin') has helped support communities far and wide, all across the globe. From improvements in women's healthcare, to clean water, education, sustainability, and more – your past purchases have already made the future brighter for us all. You're awesome.

If you've made it this far– goodness! grab yourself a drink – and please just know, we appreciate you. Thank you for making the first chapter of Habitation Co. so great. We don't know what's next, but we hope we'll see you there!

Thanks for being part of our process.


Founder & Treasure Hunter, Habitation Co.