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Capistrano Beach, CA

Habitation Co. is committed to honoring the process of living in a particular place and the journey of discovering beautiful objects that reflect the unique styles and stories of artists around the world.  Every pretty item you purchase supports creative individuals, communities, and organizations on almost every continent.


Our Process: Starting from Scratch

Hailey Fynaardt

Perhaps the most difficult question to ask an artist about their work is "how long did that take you to make?", because in many ways, the process cannot be defined by minutes, but rather has been evolving long before there was any physical evidence of its existence. Like many creative projects, this business has been developing over time, and in ways, without a defined beginning, but has finally grown into a small yet tangible object - a place, a thing, a process.

For a decade, Habitation Co. was simply an idea, nameless and nebulous, like a liquid that conformed to whatever shape it was temporarily poured into. I only knew that I wanted to eventually start my own business and create a product or place that would connect and empower people. As the idea was mulled over and refined, it became clear that my ultimate goal was some type of shop, but I quickly got lost in the logistics, worrying about the where, what, when, and how to make it happen. Last summer I (finally, stubbornly, excitedly) realized that there would never be a perfect time to make this dream a reality and the longer I waited to have enough money, time, resources, or experience, the less time, and momentum, I would potentially have to devote to something new.

Over the last few years, I had tested out various names and taglines in my head, envisioning logos and business cards for imaginary businesses, often doing a web-search for available domains but nothing stuck. I remember being at home one day last summer when the word "habitation" came to mind. I looked up the definition: "(n) the process of living in a particular place, a place in which to live. a home" and I knew in an instant that it was the name of my future business. 

While starting a business on any scale has its own set of benefits and challenges, I realized that if I wanted to start this business quickly and with limited resources, I would need to consider an alternative to the brick-and-mortar shop on an adorable city block that I had daydreamed about. Although I have been a longtime follower of small online shops, starting and operating a web-based business was (is) somewhat foreign territory for me. Instead of merchandising shelves, setting the tone with music and lights, and punching numbers into a register, I am creating a shop, and telling a story, from behind a screen. While my hope is to someday have a physical store, this space will always be the place that Habitation Co. will call home. 

So far, sourcing products and adding them to the shop has been an exciting and enlightening journey and finally being able to share this first chapter with you is the greatest reward. I am so grateful for your support and enthusiasm during these first few weeks as I have navigated the wild world of setting up shop, and I can't wait to see how Habitation Co. continues to grow and evolve in this space and beyond.

Thanks for being a part of our process!