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Habitation Co. is committed to honoring the process of living in a particular place and the journey of discovering beautiful objects that reflect the unique styles and stories of artists around the world.  Every pretty item you purchase supports creative individuals, communities, and organizations on almost every continent.


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Packing a Carryon for a Weekend in California Wine Country

Hailey Fynaardt

Packing a Carryon for a Weekend in California Wine Country // Habitation Co.

Packing a Carryon for a Weekend in California Wine Country // Habitation Co.

If you don't count my trip to India last year, I haven't taken a "girls" trip since before I got married. While my husband is by far my favorite travel buddy, I seem to have more stories about the travel adventures I shared with my friends: strangers at hostels in San Francisco, odd Southwest road trip motels, and basically everything about back-packing through Guatemala to name a few... While this weekend is a girl's trip of a very different variety, I have been looking forward to it for weeks. Despite growing up in California and living only hour-long flight away, I've never had the opportunity to visit our beloved wine country, so when the idea of a girl's trip came up, it seemed like the perfect time to plan a getaway with a few friends.

The plan is to simply enjoy a casual weekend of catching up, sipping wine, enjoying the outdoors, and measure the days by brunches and happy hours. Since I'll only be gone for 3 days total, I wanted to keep my luggage light and only pack a carryon. The tricky part was planning for a variety of potential activities: casual days, winery visits, dressier dinners, and even a hike if the weather cooperates. Fall in California typically means warm days and crisp nights, so by sticking with a few basics, working with layers, and adding a few favorite accessories, the result is a versatile weekend wardrobe that fits neatly in the overhead bin (with room to spare!).

My Carryon Packing Guide for a Fall Weekend In California Wine Country:

On The Plane:

Around Town:

Packing a Carryon for a Weekend in California Wine Country // Habitation Co.

Happy Hour:

Wine Tasting:

Packing a Carryon for a Weekend in California Wine Country // Habitation Co.

Dinner Out:

Sunday Brunch:

Packing a Carryon for a Weekend in California Wine Country // Habitation Co.

Afternoon Hike:

Packing a Carryon for a Weekend in California Wine Country // Habitation Co.

Packing a Carryon for a Weekend in California Wine Country // Habitation Co.
Keep jewelry or small accessories protected in a small travel pouch like  these

Keep jewelry or small accessories protected in a small travel pouch like these

Packing a Carryon for a Weekend in California Wine Country // Habitation Co.

That's everything! Toiletries, toothbrush, and all, plus there's plenty of room to spare if I decide to bring home a few bottles of wine (and check my bag, thanks Southwest!). Ok, gotta run, I have a plane to catch!

Enjoy the process!


Storytelling: Making Meals & Memories (& a GIVEAWAY!!)

Hailey Fynaardt

If there is one thing, a single language, that unites all of us, from every corner of the world, in huts and houses, shanty towns and skyscrapers, it's food. Food is often synonymous with emotion- love, grief, joy, fear- but perhaps most of all, comfort. Food, or more specifically, preparing it, is truly a feast for all of our senses- smell, taste, sound, sight, and feel. It is also closely linked to our memory and can instantly transport us back in time, whether to our grandmother's kitchen or a tiny cafe around the world. 

These days, with so many options at our fingertips, we may spend more time scanning restaurant reviews than recipes, and we rarely put much forethought into what goes on the dinner table. This is why cookbooks are such a great opportunity to not only learn something new, but create new memories with and for our loved ones. But without context, a cookbook can feel stagnant or overwhelming, which is why we love cookbooks that tell a deeper, personal story- of the recipes they share and the people who have passed them along to us.

In Her Kitchen is a wonderful collection of stories and portraits of grandmothers around the world, a glimpse inside their kitchen, and the secrets behind their signature recipes. There is something so raw and pure about the women in this book, it is savory from cover to cover. While many of the recipes are from places most of us may not be able to find on a map, with a few surprising ingredients (um, caterpillars?), each of these grandmothers welcomes readers into her kitchen, tells you to pull up a chair, and without bothering to ask if you're hungry, serves you up seconds and thirds of her special dish. 

The Plantiful Table is a colorful, globally-inspired treat that focuses on sustainably sourced and local plant-based ingredients. The author, Andrea Duclos, is a lifestyle blogger based in West Palm Beach Florida where avocados and jackfruit grow bigger than our heads. She writes about simple living, sustainability, travel, family, and of course- food! Drea has been vegan for several years, and when she had her daughter, Marlowe, it was only natural for her to raise her on a vegan diet at well. "What Marlowe Eats" is a super-popular segment on her blog and the inspiration behind this family-friendly cookbook. Her husband, Alex, is a chef as well, and they share a passion for food from all around the world so expect some super colorful, plant-based dishes like pad thai, tamales, and even paella!

C O O K B O O K   G I V E A W A Y!

** Since we love both of these books so much, and since Drea happens to be our friend, so we decided to host a fun cookbook giveaway over on Instagram! We are giving away a copy of In Her Kitchen AND The Plantiful Table to ONE lucky winner! Just follow Habitation Co. on Instagram, and leave a comment on the giveaway post with your favorite meal that reminds you most of home! **

Visit Habitation Co. on Instagram! Winner will be selected Thursday, May 26th!

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How to Create An Eco-Friendly Spa Experience at Home

Hailey Fynaardt

By now, most of us realize that what we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in them, and if we are making a conscious effort to consume more holistic and high-quality ingredients, our skincare regimen should follow suit. But as demand for natural beauty products increases, so do our options, and finding a routine that works for us can often feel like a science experiment. To help you out with the overwhelm, here are a few simple tips for creating an eco-friendly spa experience at home:

1. Get natural... Ditch those drugstore purchases with ingredient lists you can't pronounce, especially since most of the chemicals listed are preservatives designed to give mass-produced products a longer shelf-life. Instead, look for  all-natural products made of pure, minimally-processed, and organic ingredients that pass on their naturally-powerful qualities to you. 

2. Deep clean... Start fresh by giving your space and your skin a good scrub by using simple, natural exfoliating products such as lemon juice and baking soda- a strong enough combo to take on the grime in your tub, yet gentle enough to use on your face for a refreshing, tingly-clean. 

3. Go green... Add leafy greens to your diet (at least two meals a day!) and bring a little bit of life indoors with a plant or two. Low-maintenance options like tillandsia (air-plants) and pothos do well with low light, or go faux if you don't want to worry about giving them light and water. Just like plants help filter and purify the air, while giving us the main thing we need to survive (oxygen!), they also help to cleanse and energize us from the inside, so don't be shy about spinach, kale, or heaping on leafy herbs like parsley and basil at your next meal. 

4. Just add water... Drinking more water throughout the day will help keep you refreshed and hydrated from the inside out. If plain ol' H2O doesn't do it for you, infuse a pitcher with fresh fruit (cucumber, citrus, and berries are always good bets) or herbs like mint or lavender to mix it up. 

5. Lighten up... Try swapping out your old, heavy towels for light-weight Turkish towels that are elegant and energy-efficient. These super-soft and quick-drying alternatives mean you'll never have to reach for a damp or dingy towel after your shower again. 

6. Wind down... Turn off harsh lights or even swap out bulbs for a softer effect, to make you feel less like you're in a laboratory and more like a serene spa. Plus, without bright lights amplifying every pore and blemish, you'll be less-tempted to pick and pluck at every "imperfection".